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These things that I submit are what pop into my head every now and again. Some are incredible, others are less than impressive. But all say something about what's going on in my mind.



Aelphi Empire Infantry Helmet by fear-is-spreading
Aelphi Empire Infantry Helmet
--A larger size image will come later. I really just wanted to get this up--

The Aelphi Dakasol... Feared, respected, loved, hated... It just depends on who you ask.

When they fight, they wear the face of an ancient warrior king, their god's right hand; the only Aelphi to touch Lord Obeiron and live. These infantry soldiers wear their helms at all times, and take in the strength of the facade.

When they march, they are not ranks of men. They are not mortals. They are all kings; they are all their god's right hand.
Xeli Ryer by fear-is-spreading
Xeli Ryer
The powerful elk known as a Galluk was a spiritual totem of strength to the Xeli nation. The beasts were the kings of the mountains. Smart, strong, and aggressive. They were known for their ability to defend themselves from all attackers, even parrying blades with their unique antlers.

Inspired, the Xeli clans began to create weapons based on the Galluk's antlers. The Ryer was carried as a defensive weapon, and was a standard issue auxiliary weapon during wartime.
Inferno Longsword by fear-is-spreading
Inferno Longsword

Of all the Althrians, one clan was prized for its tenacity, and passion. Traditional Lysrylry childhood generally consisted of two things; pain and pride.

Children of the Lysryl were given 'destinies' by their elders, and trained to fulfill them throughout their lives.

Some had destinies of guards, some archers, and some others were infantry. But every few seasons, a new born would be dubbed an Inferno. They would grow to be elites, or die trying. A fulfilled Inferno was a type of knight who wielded large, pronged swords. They would enter battle with no armor, and minimal clothes, relying on their speed, agility, and mastery of their weapon to keep them alive, at least long enough to kill their foe. Infernos were trained to believe only in victory. Once battle-ready and wielding their blades, they could not stop until they had dispatched an enemy.

This mentality forced them to the bring of physicality and determination. During conflicts few escaped them. The other clans would tell stories of the mad infernos, creatures of fire and blood, creatures who hungered for battle and pursued the retreating enemies until they died of fear, exhaustion, or the signature blades of these berserkers.

After the clan wars, some of Lysryl's population adopted foreign customs. This quelled the passions of the people, civilizing them. But the history, and tendencies remained.

The Lysryl remained temperamental, impetuous, proactive, and passionate. In the times of peace, they fell into despair. And then Obeiron came. Battles raged, and for a brief moment, they were the force that pushed the tide of war back. It was their infernos who overcame and overwhelmed the Aelphi ranks.

But even the Lysryl were no match for the Aelphi's greatest weapon...


Hate Breaker by fear-is-spreading
Hate Breaker
The Horgrun were known for their great strength; physical and moral. They abhorred violence, but accepted its existence.

Legend gives us the greatest example of their dispositions.

When the Raxia came, claiming all other lands as their own, the Horgrun did not fight. They did not run. They simply stood, showing their great stature, and making a wall from their courage. Though they were giants, they were eventually moved by the violent will of the attackers.

As a punishment for their insolence, Raxia troops were sent to topple a great temple of the Sand Seers, the venerated heads of the Horgrun nations' spiritual identity. The temple was a mecca, a place of indescribable importance. Thusly it had been created from Great Stones, strong, resilient blocks found deep within Horgrun mines. The Raxia spent much of their energies attempting to destroy the monument, but it still stood. It survived everything. Yet the Raxia were persistent, and they were enraged.

The generals begged their king, and he saw the need for his action; these upstarts needed to see their place. The king had control of a weapon of great power, his royal blade. It was the symbol of the Raxia people. Using this blade, he cracked the tower in one strike... and brought it to the ground in another. He left the Sand Seers, hoping they were as broken as their place of worship.

They were not.

The exalted high priest, as the last act in his long life, hewed from those stones, a new tool. It could not be called a weapon, because using it as such would be against all the codes of the Horgrun. They called it the Hate Breaker. Its power could redirect and destroy almost any force directed towards it. Not only was it as strong as the Great Stones which made its form, but it was protected by the soul of its maker, whose life ended upon its finish.

A priest was chosen, and sent to the Raxia. He was told to walk into their base, find the king, and guide him to see reason. Under any circumstance, this would have been suicide. The Raxia certainly thought so, not believing the sight of an enemy striding calmly through their lines. Once they could grasp the situation, they attacked. Each strike failed. The priest left behind him a trail of broken blades. 

He defended and pushed his way through to the king's tent. Entranced by the bravery of this priest, the king challenged him. The priest replied that he would not, could not fight him... The king offered new terms. If the priest died, the king would win. If the king gave up, or could no longer fight, the priest would win.

Raxia fighters never give up. It's not in their nature. They both knew this. But the priest agreed.

On the field, the king attacked with his sword. The priest parried, caught, and broke the blade, sending the king off balance and into the dirt. Angered, the king brought a new weapon, an axe. But the priest wedged that blade into a stone in the ground and broke the handle. This continued through all the weapons the king could hold on his own. Finally, with red in his eyes, the king wielded his royal weapon, the blade that destroyed the tower...

With full abandon, and little control, the king attacked. The energy radiating from this battle sent onlookers back. The sands below the warriors' feet turned to swirling tendrils of glass. But the priest was not deterred.

When the light had died, the priest was standing with the powerful blade held within the Hate Breaker's slats. The king was caught, and no matter his might, no matter how hard he tried to free his people's blade, he could not. The priest pulled the blade, and the king, into the air.

"I could break this weapon and leave it in pieces before you and your men. But I know its importance. I know the feeling of a shattered symbol, and I would have no one else watch their identity crumble in front of them."

The priest released the king and turned his back on him. The king had a choice. He sided with honor.

"I do not relent, priest. Yet you have shown that I can not fight you."

The priest left with Raxia respect. Shortly after, negotiations were made between the two people. Raxia pushed hard for more than they deserved, and it put them in a position for much later chaos...

But that is another legend.


This tool can be found among Nikko's 'bag of tricks', alongside many other legendary weapons and devices from Althrian history.

In technical terms, it was made with C4D R15. It was spline modeled, and textured procedurally (I would not even think about unwrapping this bitch).
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Wulver at Work by fear-is-spreading

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